Think Of The Best Game You've Ever Played
It was like you were on autopilot wasn't it?
Here's how you can play that way game after game.
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Follow your straight line to success with the most trusted GOALIE SPECIFIC off-ice training program available.

New workouts delivered each month.


Maria Mountain, MSc, Certified Exercise Physiologist
Her programs have been featured by and helped goalies from...
For goalies 14 years of age and up (yes, even beer leaguers 😎)
Here's what NHL Goalie CARTER HUTTON has to say about Maria's training...
For goalies 14 years of age and up (yes, even beer leaguers 😎)

Look, for whatever reason, you have chosen to be a goalie.  

You have chosen to play the toughest position in the fastest most explosive and dynamic sport in the world.

You have chose to carry the weight of your team share on your shoulders because, if we are  being honest, you have the MOST impact on the outcome of each and every game and you know that's true.

Your team can play great - score four goals... but you have an off-night and your team takes the loss.

OR... you can play out of your mind, stand on your head all night, stop 68 of 70 shots (yes, SEVENTY) and steal the win.

YOU have the most power to be the difference maker out there.

You probably didn't even CHOOSE it for yourself.

It really feels more like something you are born with right?  Like a special goalie gene; let's call it GAA.990.

What I mean is you have always FELT like a goalie.  Deep inside, you are a golaie and you wouldn't want to play any other position.

But it comes at a cost doesn't it?

It comes with a physical cost to your body like your hips, knees and ankles - - all the "NEW" techniques that help you stop more pucks also put more torque on those vulnerable joints.

These is also an emotional cost isn't there?

You care so much about your craft that it hurts every fibre of your being when you are not playing up to your own expectations.  So let's start building that consistency you crave.  The consistency and quiet confidence that you see in the top NHL goalies.


Why not start playing to your expectations like David did?

David was always one of the last cuts at AAA tryouts season after season after season.

One year he actually MADE AAA, but he had to make the tough decision to say in AA because the coach told him that he probably wouldn't get to play in any of the big games that season because their return starter was a STUD.

Finally he decided enough was enough and here's what he did.

He saw some YouTube videos from this 'goalie training specialist'. The exercises looked like they would help him get the right kind of flexibility, so he tried a few and guess what?

They worked... he played better. He stopped more pucks.

When the quick skating forward on the other team tried to pull the puck wide on a breakaway... David was able to hold his edges and then quickly get his pad on that puck sending it directly to the corner and out of harm's way.

He surprised his teammates and coaches.  Heck... he told me "I don't even know how I did it, it was like my body was on autopilot".

So He Did What Any Goalie Who Is Serious About Being The Cornerstone Of His/Her Team's Success Would Do...

He went back to YouTube and got some more videos.  WOW!  There were a lot of videos!

This time he grabbed a couple of the strength exercises and a balance drill (his coach had told him to work on his stability).  After a few weeks of working on those, guess what happened?

Yep.  He was making MORE saves.

After a month of doing the right kind of off-ice training even his coach was commenting on how much smoother he looked on the ice and other parents were asking his Mom and Dad "what have you been feeding Dave lately?".

But as he kept going back to YouTube and the interwebz and found more and more and more info, he started getting confused.

He was doing the plyometric drills and box hop ups that were supposed to give him the leg power he needed to be quicker on the ice, but then his knees were getting sore.  A lot of the stuff looked really cool, but he wasn't sure exactly which exercises were right for him.

He wasn't sure how many exercises he should do, how many sets and reps he should do of each exercise or how many days per week he should do them.

His solution was to do more.  He tried to do them everyday, but that made it hard to keep up...

And Then He Stopped Improving

He became worried that he missed something, so he kept adding more and more drills to his workout until finally, he barely had time to get it all finished.  And then he got a bit worse on the ice.

So he went back to the internet and searched for "goalie specific training plan" and he found one that delivered the right off ice training drills that improve any goalie's mobility, strength, speed, stamina, stability and hand-eye coordination.

He took his role with the team seriously, so David stuck wtih the plan and did the workouts. He found that the in-season workouts provided with the program didn't take very long to complete and they didn't leave him feeling tired and sore when he got on the ice for practice.

The off-season workouts were definitely more intense, but he could feel how they would actually help him on the ice.  

He started to see his game pick up again... only this time he didn't plateau; he continued to develop.

When the play-offs rolled around, he had earned the confidence of the coaches and his teammates.

He earned the opportunity to lead his team straight to the league championships and win it all by posting a 0-1 shutout in the final game of the series (after facing 43 shots).

Even David admits there were a fdw lucky ones and his defense did a great job clearing the few rebounds he put out in front... but you've gotta be good to be lucky sometimes right?

Do you think David was getting attention from other teams as he became more dominant in his league?

Do you think more scouts were stopping by the stands to get acquainted with David's parents?  You bet.

He was super lucky because even though his parents supported him in every way, they never pushed him in any way. When he wanted the proven goalie specific training plan they helped him get access, on one condition... that he was disciplined enough to do the work.

Well, after the results David had during just the first 2.5 months of the program and after such an amazing season, do you think David was motivated to do the work?

There Are Two Things That Motivate Us...

You've felt that before haven't you?

So yes, Dave was motivated to do the work and it is a good thing he did because he ended up getting invited to a tryout for a Junior team that was a few hours from where he lived.  It was the team he followed as a kid and always though it would be awesome to play there.

He would see their team bus on the road and think how awesome it would be to step off that buss on a road trip in his fresh looking suit.  He had dreamed of exactly what it would feel like.

He had pictured himself playing in those bigger rinks with full stands.  He could hear the crowd hold their breath and then erupt with cheering when he made a crazy second effort save on a breakaway.

He did a great job at that camp (and the other camps he was invited to) and he was invited back to their main camp at the end of the summer.

He worked all summer long to show himself and the team how much untapped potential he still had.  He worked to show them that he was a diamond in the rough and was willing to put in the work to one day shine as a member of their organization.

I wish I could tell you that he went in and made the team as a walk-on in the fall. 

He did not.

They had two older, more experienced goalies, but they did sign him out of that camp.  He got to practice with them when he could swing it during his season and once he even got to sit on the bench as the back up when they ran into some injury trouble with their goalies.

UPDATE: the NEXT season though... he was riding that bus, making those saves, playing for that team πŸ’ͺ


You are probably like David in many ways.

Maybe your feel like you have untapped potential, but you aren't sure of the best way to develop it.

Maybe you are currently doing some stuff that seems like it works, but you aren't really sure if it is the right stuff or the BEST stuff that you could be doing.

Maybe you are ready to be the go-to goalie for your team; you are ready to do the work, but you just want to make sure that what you are doing will pay off on the ice. 

Maybe you know that if you only had the exact right steps to follow that you could make a leap like David did.  That you could end up playing AAA, Junior, College or Pro.  Even if you are an adult goalie, you know you can be better right?

You need a program exactly like what David followed so you can show yourself (and everyone else) what's possible when you have a step-by-step road map to success.

Here's the program...


Each and every month you get NEW training modules that integrate your goalie specific mobilty, strength, speed, stamina, stability and hand-eye coordination training into comprehensive workouts. 

This way you don't have to go looking for 'extra' training to fill any gaps and you also get my latest training strategies a I create the new workouts on a monthly basis.


This means your workouts change from in-season to off-season.  The demands are completely different and your training needs to be different too. In-season your workouts hone your power, speed and agility PLUS help your body recover. This way you can play with more patience and stay healthy. During the off-season you will fill your bucket of strength, mobility, speed and stamina to overflowing so you can continually transform from season to season.


A private online group coaching area where you can ask questions about your training, your gear, your nutrition, whatever.

You can also share your successes - last year we recorded 191 shutouts.  You can even share your frustrations; you can't host a pity party, but you can ask for help. This is also where you get direct access to me (more about that in a second).


Members of the Shutout Academy get front of the line service to get into the Turning Pro Coaching Program.

I custom design the workouts for Turning Pro goalies and do private Coaching Calls with them each month plus private messaging the rest of the time. If you have proven your discipline in the Shutout Academy, it almost guarantees you a spot in Turning Pro.


A science-y way of saying that your training program design is based on the science of human physiology and adaptation. To reach your potential you can't keep doing the same workouts over and over again.  You can't just keep working 'harder'.  That's how you stagnate or burn out.

Periodization gives you continuous improvement - even during the season.

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For goalies 14 years of age and up (yes, even beer leaguers 😎)
Here's What Other Goalies Are Saying About Maria's Training

Hey Maria,

It was 6 yrs ago I can to you looking for help.  I was 25 and on the verge of retiring from pro hockey because of my hips. I needed 2-3 days notice before starts so I could book a massage or hot yoga for the day before, just so I could get in my stance come game time. Fast forward to today, I haven't missed a game or practice due to injury and I can be thrown into a game cold in the 3rd period and the body feels good. Thank you for extending my career.

- Kevin Beech (European Pro)

I joined Shutout Academy and everything only got better.  I made the team I wanted to and not only me, but my coaches saw how my play was substantially better.  The other members in the shutout academy were so welcoming and everyone was friends who gave helpful advice to one another about hockey and being a goalie. The atmosphere gave a sense of being a part of something special.  Maria helped me to get to new levels that would not be possible without her.  Thanks Maria.

- Tyler Teves

For goalies 14 years of age and up (yes, even beer leaguers 😎)
Why Should You Try The Shutout Academy?

The #1 reason you should try it is because it works. PERIOD.

How do I know it works?  There are two reasons:

1) In the 5-years I have been running the Shutout Academy I've heard from dozens of goalies who've seen tremendous results like David (I told you all about him earlier) did. And it isn't just the young guns who see these transformations.  There are adult goalies like Steve who went from having hips that were so bad he figured it was the last season he would physically be able to play, to the point where he was feeling better (and playing better) than when he was back in high school - - and frustrating all the college kids when they came home to skate during the summers 😁

2) The program is designed based on science.  It isn't designed to look cool, to be the hardest workout program in the world or to make you the alpha dog at your Crossfit box.  It is designed for one purpose... to help you stop more pucks.

Guess it's time I introduce myself; I apologize for not doing it sooner, I get a little carried away talking about goalies.

My name is Maria Mountain (that's me crushing some chin ups with my husband Paul)

My name is Maria Mountain (that's me crushing some chin ups with my husband Paul 😍) and I'm a Certified Exercise Physiologist - - yeah, that's a real thing, I didn't just make it up.

I earned Bachelor's and  Master's of Science Degrees in Kinesiology then did an apprenticeship in a fitness lab, then there was the comprehensive written exam and the nerve shattering practical exam before I earned that designation.

Anyway, I have the goalie gene just like you. I strap on the pads every week and play for fun with a group of friends (okay... I want to win every time - but the group is fun), but I am not an elite goalie. 

I'm not even an average goalie yet, but I am getting there.  It's a long story, but here's the short version.

When I was a kid, girls in my hometown didn't play hockey AT ALL. It was just a fact that girls didn't play hockey.

Thankfully it was still a time when you would run home after school, drop off your homework bag, grab your stick and run over to the house with the best driveway in the neighbourhood (that was Glen's house for us) and play road hockey until you had to go in for dinner.

I was always the goalie. In my mind I was Ken Dryden facing off against Mike Palmateer.

Fast forward to when I became a strength and conditioning coach 25+ years ago and I had the opportunity to work with athletes; I always loved working with goalies.  

I loved applying the biomechanics, physiology and anatomy I had learned in University to help them move better, move faster and stay healthy (i.e. avoid hip surgery). I loved it when they told me about the saves they made where they were saying to themselves "How did I do that?"

In about 2008 or so I decided to dedicate my life's work to helping goalies win more games with fewer injuries. I know you are probably most interested in the "win more games part" but you've gotta stay healthy and on the ice if you want to win as many games as possible right?

So that's basically me.

I've helped athletes from different sports win:

- World championships

- Olympic GOLD (and some silver and bronze too)

- The Stanley Cup

- NHL's Fastest Skater

But what I love the most is helping a motivated goalie unlock hiddent potential. It doesn't matter what level you compete at, as long as you are disciplined enough to do the work and as long as you are committed to your long-term development, because it takes time.

Although you will see/feel results within the first 5-days of starting the Shutout Academy, you will not MAXIMIZE your potential in 5 weeks or even 5 months. 5 years? Yeah, that's a good start.

For goalies 14 years of age and up (yes, even beer leaguers 😎)

Everyone gets at 30-day NO-QUESTIONS-ASKED-NO-FINE-PRINT 100% Money Back Guarantee.  You literally have nothing to lose (not one penny). 

Here's how the Guarantee works... if for any reason you are not thrilled with the results of your Shutout Academy (and yes, even if you are too lazy to do the training) I will give you all your money back.  ALL OF IT.

Just send an email to help[at] and ask politely for a refund.  Even if you ask rudely we will still give your money back, but you might as well be nice πŸ˜‹. 

And that's all there is to it. Easy as that.



Typically all you need is some resistance bands and a few dumbbells.  

And don't forget about the private online coaching page where you can ask for a substitute exercise if you don't have the exact right equipment. This is not a bodyweight only training program - it is more advanced than that.

Some of you are heading back into your regular season, some of you have had your season bumped back.  It doesn't matter, I am custom designing these workouts so it will be crystal clear what exercises you need to do if you are still in your 'off-season" and what you need to do if you are in-season.

During the season it will only be 2 times per week average (if you are on the ice regularly) and the workouts are pretty quick.  During the off-season it will be more like 3-6 times per week depending on the level you are trying to play at.  

I give you sample schedules for beginner and advanced, but you can always post your proposed schedule on the group coaching page and I will help you get it dialed in.

The Shutout Academy includes everything you need, so you do not need to do another training program to fill in the gaps.  You will get workouts for mobility, strength, speed, stamina, even hand-eye drills.

There are new workouts every single month, nothing is sent in the mail, the program is entirely downloadable.  If you know how to log in to a website and click a link to download a PDF, then you are good.

I have created tutorial videos for each and every exercise.  I will show you exactly how to do it, but if you're still not sure, just ask for more help on the group coaching page and I will make sure you know what to do.

If you know how to click on a link and save a PDF to your phone, then you are good to go.

The majority of my customers are from the US and the US dollar is a standard currency around the glove.  When I first started selling online products it just made sense to set up my merchant account in US dollars.

For goalies 14 years of age and up (yes, even beer leaguers 😎)
Do you have any other questions?  Just ask.

I think the biggest thing was the mindset transformation and the support of everyone in the SOA.  It’s made me much more confident playing on a team with an average age of 25.  Six months ago, I was that guy, moaning about not having the right stuff and seriously doubting myself. 

 β€¦my confidence is way up, my flexibility is greatly improved and I have lost about 4lbs this month.  It feels awesome making saves I couldn’t make 2-3 months ago and when I do let a bad one in, I reset.  No more meltdowns on the ice.

Ed C.
SOA Goalie